Official Chip Chuck Rules


  • The box halves are to be placed 3 metres apart, measured from the centre of each box.

  • The player to go first is decided by the toss of a coin.

  • Each player’s turn consists of 5 wooden Chips, thrown toward the distant box.

  • Players must stand immediately behind their box when throwing their Chips.

  • Each player takes their turn of throwing all their Chips before the next player throws theirs.

  • Once both players have thrown all their Chips and the referee/scorer has recorded the score, they may gather their Chips and change ends.

  • The Chips can be thrown in any manner or style the player may choose and can be thrown directly into the box or bounced in off the ground.

    • Scoring Chips are valid if they land in the box after contact with the opponent.

  • The Chips must be thrown one at a time unless a player states that they wish to use a ‘mini bomb’ or a ‘smart bomb’.

    • A ‘mini bomb’ is when 3 Chips are thrown together. The other 2 Chips are then thrown singularly. Two ‘mini bombs’ per player are allowed per game.

    • A ‘smart bomb’ is when all 5 Chips are thrown in one go. Only one ‘smart bomb’ is allowed per player per game.

N.B. A player may use either the ‘smart bomb’ or ‘mini bombs’ in a game, not both.

  • The game continues by the players swapping ends after each turn until a winner has been named.

  • The winner of the game is the player who reaches the highest score, of at least 21 points, after each player has had an equal number of turns.

  • Scoring:

  • One point is awarded for each Chip that remains in the outer section of the box.

  • Three points are awarded for each Chip that remains in the inner section of the box.

  • Ten points are awarded for each Chip that remains balanced on the outer ledge of the box.

  • Twenty-one points are awarded for each Chip that remains balanced on the inner ledge of the box.

If you would like to view or download the Official Rules, Care Guide & Important Information leaflet click here.