Lindfield Annual Chip Chuck Tournament - Semi Final Report

Best Earns Spot In Chip Chuck Final


An early outer-ledge on Kilbey’s sixth shot put Best under immediate pressure going forward with the score at 12-4, but the Chip Chuck veteran refused to back down in his second consecutive semi-final appearance.

“It was an early blow to my chances when he [Guy Kilbey] made that outer-ledge. But the key was that it was so early, I was able to change my strategy on-the-fly to try and get back into the game - and it worked,” he said afterwards.

With an eight point gap to close, Best decided to use a risky mini-bomb to stop the bleeding - and it paid off, scoring him a further four points to make the score 12-8 and more manageable.

Kilbey responded with a three-pointer of his own shortly after though to get his total to 15, but it wouldn’t be enough to hold off his rival who was on a charge.

“I knew at the time that the mini-bomb would be the turning point of the game, but with the tournament on the line I had to do something” admitted Best.

“Before the game my bomb point average was at 2.6 I think, so in the back of my mind I was confident I could pull it off.”

A string of five crucial misses by Kilbey allowed Best to close the gap further, and make the score 15-13 after 20 minutes of chip chucking.

Kilbey had one final trick up his sleeve to try and hang on for the win, making it 19-13. Utilising the surrounding grass to bounce one chip into the middle and one into the outside, awarded him an extra four points, but it just wasn’t enough to earn him a berth in the Final.

“I was in the driving seat with the score 19-13,” said Kilbey. “But once again he showed everyone why he’s #2 in the LCCA [Lindfield Chip Chuck Association] World Rankings.”

As the third three-pointer from Best went in, the once subdued crowd jumped to their feet in awe. It was Chris Best’s day once again at Lindfield Arena, as he secured his spot in the Final later tonight.

“Unbelievable, just an unbelievable feeling to reach the final again!” exclaimed Best.

“There were times during the early stages of the tournament when I thought I wouldn’t even get the chance to make it to the knockout stages. My swing was off at times, and my concentration was too. But it all worked out in the end.

“I can’t wait for the Final!”

Stephen Kilbey

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