The first boxes are on the move

We have completed adding the finishing touches to our lovely Chip Chuck game sets and they are now for sale on the site, so head to the Products Page to pick up your game sets and spare Chips now. We've added a photo here of a completed set so that you know what to expect when the postman comes knocking!

You may have seen lots of activity on our social media feeds this week as we launched the product, and if you're not with us yet then we look forward to seeing you soon. As people begin to receive their Chip Chuck games in the post we're hoping to share photos of some occasional wintry playing on this blog. The lucky Mr. and Mrs. Keating from Sussex were the first proud recipients of an official Chip Chuck game set, just in time for Christmas. If you need yours before the 25th then please get your orders in by 3pm on Friday 19th to guarantee delivery in time

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