Maresfield Village Fete

This bank holiday monday we spent the afternoon enjoying Maresfield Village Fete. As first time attendees to this Fete we were really impressed by the professionalism of the event organisers and the quality of stands on display. We were especially pleased with Harold's Hog Roast! The 3x5 competition was well received and the level of competitive spirit was as high as always. The leader board quickly filled up with single digit scores but once the crowds were warmed up we saw Rob break the trend with a cheeky 12 points. Proving the accessibility of Chip Chuck for all people we invited Stan, an 84 year old gentleman with a walking stick, to take part in our competition and he confidently stole the top spot on his first effort with 13 points. Later in the afternoon, after many failed attempts at glory, along came Mona, a wonderful lady in her later years and who played our competition from her wheelchair. Obviously a natural at Chip Chuck Mona scored 15 points with her first 15 Chips and went on to retain the high score until the end of the day. As the day drew to a close Mona came to visit us again, to check that she was still top scorer, and requested that her prize money should be donated to St Peter & St James Hospice. From today's competition and Mona's very generous gift we raised £114 for this very excellent charity.

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